Why Construction Companies Should Digitise RAMS Management

In the rapidly evolving construction industry, the integration of digital solutions is fundamentally changing operational management. One aspect of construction becoming increasingly digitised is Risk Assessment Method Statements or RAMS collection and management. Digitising RAMS management is a vital step in adopting the construction management practices of the future.

Conducting RAMS through a digital solution involves the same process of hazard management but upgrades the process. Traditional RAMS management methods reliant on paper-based documentation or manual procedures are time-consuming, error-prone, and hard to report on. This is especially true for RAMS that need to be signed off by multiple stakeholders.

Streamlining RAMS Process

By digitising RAMS, builders, subcontractors, and their employees, as well as visitors, reduce clerical workload for Site Managers and HSEQ managers. By eliminating paper processing for RAMS and moving the process digitally, everyone has access to their RAMS in their pocket and can easily sign off on them. This is also easily reportable with Project Management systems being able to generate accurate reports.

Ensuring Compliance

With a digitally managed RAMS system, Site Managers and HSEQ Managers can ensure everyone has signed off on the most recent RAMS. This is especially important as RAMS must adapt to any change in the conditions of high-risk construction work. No more chasing people around the site to ensure they’ve signed off on their RAMS! Being able to see who has and who has not signed off their RAMS and being able to block access to sites if someone hasn’t signed their RAMS are key advantages of digitising RAMS.


Transitioning to digital RAMS reduces paper consumption and waste, aligning with sustainable practices. Rather than printing out RAMS for everyone to sign off on every time there is a change to the RAMS, have a digital system. A paperless system reduces both environmental footprint and costs.

RAMS Version History

A digital system can easily track RAMS through each version and ensure everyone has signed off on the latest version. It also provides visibility on what has and hasn’t been included in the previous versions of the RAMS. This is important as RAMS must be updated as the high-risk construction work changes (HRCW). Ensuring the RAMS reflect the HRCW and demonstrating that your RAMS reflect the change in condition is a key element that must be shown in the case of ISO accreditation or an incident.

How to Get Started

1Breadcrumb offers a digital SWMS solution. The SWMS tool gives you the ability to manage your SWMS on the web, mobile or tablet. Better yet, 1Breadcrumb provides your subcontractors with an app and portal to upload, revise, and sign off on their SWMS. All with greater visibility for you. Learn more about the solution here.

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