Victorian Construction Reopening Restrictions

As Victoria emerges from lockdown, new restrictions and changes will apply to Victorian based construction sites. Head to the Victorian Coronavirus website for the specific construction industry guidelines here.

Changes forecast to be effective Friday 22nd October 2021:

  • Large scale sites can go to 100 per cent workforce capacity if all workers on the site are fully vaccinated.

Changes forecast to be effective Monday 1st November 2021:

  • Workforce caps that limit the number of workers on-site and movement between sites will be removed, if those workers are fully vaccinated.
  • Pre-existing requirements such a COVIDSafe Plan will remain in place and additional obligations may apply.
  • All construction workers must be fully vaccinated by 13 November 2021 in order to continue working.

Quick Steps for compliance:

  1. Create and regularly review your COVID safe plan
  2. Check the capacity limits and vaccine requirements specific to your site
  3. Use QR Codes or visitation recording apps such as 1Breadcrumb to keep track of visitation
  4. Wear a face mask when required and safe to do so
  5. Display relevant COVID-19 education signage
  6. Maximise ventilation, keep spaces and equipment clean
  7. Respond to a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case in the workplace

To help maintain compliance with COVID, 1Breadcrumb can be your worksite management tool to:

  • Keep visitation records of all workers that are easy and up to date with customisable site entry questions.
  • Manage worksite numbers and capacity limits
  • Store and manage Vaccination Certificates

As well as the plethora of other worksite safety and compliance features so we can keep prioritise getting the job done.

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