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Check the team in, without putting them out

Flexible check-in options to please every worker

Check-ins can feel like a chore, especially when they come with mandatory app downloads or require the latest tech. That’s why 1Breadcrumb offers a range of check-in (and out) options so every attendance is recorded, and zero excuses are made. 

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Trade the clipboard for the cloud

Digital, secure record keeping

With 1Breadcrumb, all attendance information is automatically saved to the cloud, keeping a secure, reliable record that can be reviewed quickly and conveniently as need. No more paperwork, no more clipboard, no more confusion. 

See everyone, on every site

Check live attendance in an instant.

Keep eyes on multiple sites at the same time with live attendance. Optimised to work seamlessly on your mobile device and the web, you can quickly view contractors and individuals on each project.  

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A perfect headcount when it counts most

Gain clarity and control during drills and emergencies.

When it comes to site evacuations, there’s no room for error. Send site-specific alerts, communicate muster points and conduct roll calls from your mobile. Perform emergency evacuations or drills, and ensure everyone has reached a safe site location using the live attendance feature. 

All the history, none of the digging

See who was on which site and when.

Quickly review attendance history and generate reports with simple filters that allow you to search by project, date, time, name, contractor, or visitor type. Plus, if you’re a Procore user, all attendance history ca be directly integrated into your Procore Site Diary – keeping things organised in one location.

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Keep tabs on compliance

Ensure everyone on site is meeting safety standards.

With 1Breadcrumb, viewing the compliance status of workers on site is as simple as scrolling through the attendance list. Each individual is marked with a coloured tab, so you can quickly identify their status and action on anything that needs approval. 

Access control turnstiles

Set a new standard for secure site access.

Lease or purchase access control turnstiles, optionally equipped with biometric (Face ID) check-in technology. Powered by the 1Breadcrumb platform, our innovative turnstiles integrate seamlessly with your safety system for the ultimate security solution.

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Seamlessly integrated with Procore

Automatic. Instant. Coordinated.

1Breadcrumb’s fully automated Man Hour Logs and Visitor Logs integrate directly into the Procore Site Diary Tool, automatically updated to ensure all your vital attendance information is up-to-date and stored in one convenient location.

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Put it to the test

See how you can build a safer, more streamlined worksite with 1Breadcrumb.
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