Procore-Integrated Pre-Starts & Toolbox Talks

Recently, we at 1Breadcrumb announced an exciting development in our quest to streamline communication processes for construction companies. Our Site Briefings tool, a powerful function for facilitating various site meetings and communications, has now integrated with Procore, a leading project management software. Let’s delve into what this means for construction companies and how it will improve their operations.

Customised Communication for Enhanced Collaboration

Site Briefings, a feature of the 1Breadcrumb platform, can be tailored to suit different types of site meetings and communications. Among the most common are Pre-Starts and Toolbox Talks.

Traditional paper-based methods make it difficult to track meeting discussions, share important information in a timely manner, and ensure that all relevant stakeholders are informed and compliant with safety protocols. Our Site Briefings tool addresses these challenges by providing a digital platform for customising and documenting these meetings.

A Tool for Site Meetings

Through 1Breadcrumb, construction companies can efficiently track and record the topics discussed during these meetings. Site Briefings allows users to document meeting details, including agendas, discussions, and action items. Moreover, the ability to attach images and videos enhances the clarity and effectiveness of communication.

Integration with Procore

Our recent integration with Procore marks a significant milestone in our commitment to providing construction companies with a unified source of truth. With this integration, Site Briefings collected through 1Breadcrumb seamlessly integrate with Procore’s Document tool. This means that all meeting records, including agendas, minutes, and attachments, can be accessed directly within the Procore ecosystem.

In conclusion, the integration of 1Breadcrumb’s Site Briefings tool with Procore represents a significant advancement in facilitating seamless communication and collaboration within the construction industry. By providing construction companies with a comprehensive solution for managing site meetings and communications, we aim to empower them to work more efficiently, safely, and effectively. With this integration, we continue our mission to revolutionize construction project management and drive innovation in the industry.

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