1Breadcrumb keeps improving Cybersecurity for users of popular construction safety software

In today’s digital world, data security is crucial. Here at 1Breadcrumb, safeguarding your data is fundamental to how we work. So we are constantly monitoring and improving our security to keep your data safe.

We recently earned three security certificates that show our commitment to protecting your data. The certificates were for our mobile apps, our web interface backend, and the infrastructure. This covers all the ways we access data.

We worry about data security so you don’t have to.

What does this mean?

These certificates are officially called ‘Penetration Test Certificates’. Though we call them Pen Tests for short, and to stop any giggling.

We do this by finding some ethical hackers, let them try to get into our platform, and then we fix any holes they find. We only get the certificates once we have fixed the holes. Sounds simple, but it is not.

These are not just any hackers, these are professionals certified in cybersecurity. They wear white hats instead of hoodies. They understand complicated security systems and can point out holes in our security. Fixing the holes is important as they can be exploited to gain unauthorised access.

Once they find any holes, we fix them before anyone can exploit them to access and steal data.

And then the hackers test again, making sure we have closed the holes, and not opened new ones.

Only once they are happy, do they grant us a Penetration Test Certificate.

Understanding the Nitty-Gritty of Data Protection

Construction projects are full of data, buzzing with worker credentials and safety documents. We are elbows deep in collecting and storing all that crucial info.

Interested in how we handle and store the data? Have a look through our agreements:

We’ve got our eyes on the prize – keeping that data locked down tight, shielded from any cyber shenanigans. We’re dedicated to keeping our platform secure, so our customer data stays safe all the time.

Continual Growth on the Cybersecurity Front

Achieving these ‘Pen Test’ certificates demonstrates our proactive approach to beating cybersecurity challenges. And we understand that this is an ongoing journey which requires continuous attention.

That’s why we are on an endless mission to sniff out and squash any pesky vulnerabilities. We regularly test our platform and keep an eye out for new threats. We all want to make sure it stays strong against cyber risks.

Building Trust Through Industry Smarts

Transparency and trust are foundational principles at 1Breadcrumb. By achieving these Penetration Test Certificates, we demonstrate our commitment to data security.

We’ve thoroughly tested and validated our system to meet industry security standards. Our customers can trust that 1Breadcrumb will keep their data safe.

As we evolve, our customers and users can rest assured that their data is in safe hands.

So you can focus on delivering successful construction projects.

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